Research and Academics
Dr. Bohm’s expertise in behavioral economics is focused on issues related to
institutional advancement, educational policy and planning. His career experience
spans a successful dual career track in corporate and educational settings and
includes formal training in finance, epidemiology, and institutional assessment
methods. He has a detailed understanding of the organizational and financial principles
associated with successful program development and is experienced in risk
management, program evaluation, policy analysis, accreditation procedures, academic
planning and institutional development.

Procurement, processing and evaluation of health care.

Dr Bohm's professional interests center on the development of 'black box' technology
related to health care delivery.  Black box systems provide auto regulatory controls for the
assessment of health care utilization and quality. They are viewed as essential for the
development of efficient health care systems and utilization controls. Black box
technology provides 'state of the art' hardware, information management and security
resources to organizations and industries within health care.

Prof.  Bohm career expertise focuses on  health care organization and administration.  
He, currently holds academic affiliation with the City University of New York, New York
City College of Technology and Stony Brook University.  Additionally he has developed an
international career perspective through his work as the former executive vice-president
of the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, a first professional degree granting
institution and associated college to the University of Portsmouth, England. This has
provided significant opportunities for his development of skills and competencies in the
fields of institutional outreach, professional and government relations (U.S. & European
Community).  In 1992, he was admitted to the prestigious British Institute of
Management. A graduate of Yale University's School of Medicine department of
Epidemiology and Public Health, his thesis on health care quality assurance was
awarded academic honors.
Professional Interests:
Dr. Josef Bohm,